What is A Company Registration Number?

Company registration numbers, known as firm registration numbers are numbers that identify a company and are displayed on their certificate of establishment in Malaysia. A company registration number is unique to the firm to which it is assigned, and no two companies will have the same number. The Companies Commission of Malaysia, often known as the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia or SSM, is where enterprises can be registered. The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) announced a new format for company registration numbers for all types of business organizations in October 2019. The new standardized format replaces the several diverse kinds of registration numbers used in earlier systems, allowing all corporate entities in the country to use a single registration format. This is in line with Malaysia’s Small and Medium Enterprises Master Plan 2012 – 2020, which is being led by the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation & Management Planning Unit (MAMPU). In comparison to the former format of registration numbers, the new format sets a restriction on the number of business organizations that can be registered, which helps to simplify system development.

What is A Company Number?

A 12-digit company registration number, often known as a company number or registration number, is assigned to each registered corporate organization. Each registration number is generated in order and has a certain format, which is described below:

– The first four numbers denote the year the business entity was formed.

– The next two digits, using the following codes, represent the sort of business entity.

CodeType of Entity
01Local Companies
02Foreign Companies
04Local LLPs
05Foreign LLPs
06LLPs for Professional Practice

A new format number has been assigned to all registered firms, regardless of their founding date. It is fairly usual for those who registered before the new system’s implementation to see both the new and old numbers displayed.

Are Company Registration Numbers the Same as Company Tax Numbers?

No, a company’s registration number and its tax number are not the same thing. While your company registration number will be used to identify your company in all legal affairs and business operations, your company’s tax number will be utilized for annual audits and tax filings. Companies’ tax identification numbers are referred to as unique taxpayer references. It’s not to be confused with a firm registration number.

When Do I Need to Use My Company Registration Number?

The registration number can be used in formal papers, such as official letters to authorities, invoices, signboards, and other printed documents. Although the old registration number can be utilized, switching to the new format number is highly encouraged.

Where can I Find My Company Registration Number?

The number can be found on the Superform (Section 14), the Notice of Registration (Section 15), and the Certificate of Incorporation (Section 17, Form 9) for newly registered business entities. The number can be discovered on SSM’s portal via e-Search, e-info, and MyData services for corporate organizations registered under the former registration system, i.e., before 11 October 2019.