There are 3 major reasons why Malaysia business owners have to pay monthly company secretary retainer fees.

The monthly retainer fee for company secretarial services may vary according to different secretarial firms. It ranges from RM35 to RM200 per month.

The monthly secretary fee excludes any other services provided by the company secretary of your company. Other services such as filing of annual returns, and lodgment of audited reports would require separate payment to the company secretary.

The most popular inquiries or questions asked by business owners are why should they pay the monthly secretary retainer fee. Generally, there are 3 major reasons to pay the secretary fee as per below:

1. This is paid for the appointment of the company secretary to ensure your compliance with the laws and regulations of the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) at all times. In other words, you pay for their expertise as well as their liabilities.

2. The monthly secretary fees are also inclusive of using our Consistant Info office address as your registered address every month. This is compulsory for all Sdn. Bhd. Company to have a registered office under the Companies Act 2016. For your information, our office is located at a prime location in EkoCheras Office Suites – Tower A.

3. Every Sdn. Bhd. Company is required to maintain and update the register books. Thus, the fees also include of company secretary updating and maintaining a register of members, register of directors, managers, and secretaries, register of charges, etc whenever there are any changes of particulars of the aforesaid information.