Expert Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Malaysia

Managing your business’s accounting and bookkeeping can be tedious and time-consuming. At Consistant Info, we offer professional, comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping solutions for Malaysian businesses (Sdn. Bhd Company, enterprise or limited liability partnership), both onsite and offsite. Our services provide you with a dedicated bookkeeper and manager to handle all your accounts and invoices, allowing you to focus on growing your business without any distractions.

Our expert team utilizes advanced software, including SQL and UBS, to deliver precise, real-time data. We transform your financial numbers into actionable insights, helping you understand your accounts effortlessly and make informed strategic decisions.

Why Choose Consistant Info?

1) 18 years’ Experience

 – Consistant Info is a Malaysia-based firm that established in 2006.

2) Transparent Pricing

 – Compared with other accounting companies in Malaysia, our company is only one of the few with transparent pricing.

 – Quicker and more convenient price inquiries, no need to call or e-mail to inquire about prices.

3) Affordable Fees

 –  Our accounting fee are from RM300 per month compare with others accounting firm around RM600 – RM1,000/month.

4) One-stop accounting solution

–   We have various business partner such as secretary firm, audit firm, banks, payroll firm, and others.

–   You can enjoy rewards from our partners.

The above package is a guide and may vary depending of nature of business and volume of transactions & subjected to 8% Service Tax .

Our dedicated accountant will also help monitor statutory compliance issues and work with you to ensure you understand all the accounts and reports.